V2ray ws tls cdn

Start by registering a domain name for your web site. Note down the server's IP address. We will use as an example the IP address Save these changes. If your DNS records have had time to propagate, you can use the server's hostname. For example:. The Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-trip propagation time BBR congestion control algorithm tracks a connection's delivery rate and round-trip time to offer higher throughput and lower queueing delays where there are network bottlenecks.

BBR has been supported by Linux since kernel version 4. Since CentOS 8 is based on Linux kernel 4. Create a new system control parameters file for BBR:. Press the i key on your computer keyboard to enter insert mode.

Insert the lines that specify the BBR congestion control algorithm:. Press the Esc key on your computer keyboard followed by :wq to write the file to disk and quit the editor. Activate these changes:. You may need to wait several minutes for the server to fully reboot, otherwise you will get a Connection refused message. When the reboot is complete, log on to your server again:. You will need to substitute in the actual public IP address of your workstation.

The commands below use an example workstation IP address of We now prevent any other public IP addresses from reaching port 22 the SSH port by removing the ssh service from the public zone:. We are going to use Apache for our web server, although you could alternatively use Nginx.

Insert your virtual host definition. You can start with a minimal virtual host definition like this:. For the sake of this post, we will use some sample content:. When you have added your content, you can open a browser and visit the HTTP version of your website to confirm that your web server is working. In our example, this would be:.

We have assumed that you are logged in as root. There appears to be a bug issue that causes certbot-auto to end with Creating virtual environment A workaround to prevent this is to issue the additional command:. Fix this error by deleting the erroneous configuration file and rerunning the Certbot command:. Continuing to use the hostname www.

Set up Certbot to automatically renew the certificate every three months. The following line will add a cron job to the default crontab. You can start with a minimal virtual host definition like this. As always, replace www. You can now visit the HTTPS version of your website in a browser to confirm that your web server is working. In our example, the URL would be:.

We will use Cloudflare in this example. Sign up and create an account.The previous article was about simple v2ray with tcp protocol, and that was enough for that time. But recently my v2ray tcp servers got blocked. So I believe it is time to move to more complicated configurations of v2ray. There are several scripts for this method, including a good one from boy. But, in this article, I am using the easiest one from sprov called v2-ui, which also includes an easy v2ray multi user management panel.

Thanks to the one-command script by sprov, you can install v2ray easily, even if you are not familiar with Linux commands. The setup consists of two parts.

To get an SSL certificate, you need a domain name www. Nameservers configuration. When adding your domain name to your Cloudflare account, Cloudflare will ask you to redirect your nameservers. It will be something like this:. You need to copy those from Cloudflare to your domain name registrar ex: namecheap.

v2ray ws tls cdn

After a while, Cloudflare will inform you that the setup is done. In the text you will find destinations of your certificate file and key file. If you face errors and cannot get the certificate, please make sure that your firewall is listening to ports 80 and Last, the SSL certificate expires in 90 days, to make sure it renews after that use the following command.

You can go to v2-ui web panel typing your IP address and the port on a browser. By default, both login and password are admin.

You can change them in the panel settings. And that is it. You can add, edit, delete users within seconds, and check bandwidth usage using v2-ui web-panel. If you think your v2ray has slow speed, or have an older Linux version on your VPS, you can use bbr script by teddysun, to install google bbr.


You can use v2ray on several apps on Android, and all of them are available for free Google Play.Snaps are discoverable and installable from the Snap Store, an app store with an audience of millions. We have collection of more than 1 Million open source products ranging from Enterprise product to small libraries in all platforms.

Client: V2Ray itself is just a kernel. Also, note that we chose localhost port for communication with Caddy. The core, V2Ray, is for network connection, routing and data processing, while GUI programs are for user friendly experience. They update automatically and roll back gracefully. You will need to substitute in your own UUID. Please try again later. It provides full functionality as V2Ray. If you need help to know which one is the best for your project, please have a look at Choosing a GUI Toolkit.

Welcome to the AUR! Extract the contents of v2ray-linux GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

Despite the fact that there is a registered Sourceforge project called mdadm-GUI, there is no code in it and it seems that no work is currently being done. Project V provides a single core with various GUI programs. Skip to content. Download: iTunes. You will also need to replace by the port number V2Ray is listening on. We provide a script to install on Linux. Just remove the directory of the software which contains the executable is enough?

Factory and Project repositories.This article shows you how to set up a V2Ray server on Debian 9, with V2Ray fronted by an https website hosted on nginx. The server will act as a V2Ray server for a WebSocket stream, but will display a normal website to a regular web browser. The client machine in this tutorial is a Windows PC. The server will accept input on port If any traffic happens to arrive on port 80, it will be redirected to port If the traffic is a WebSocket stream, it is proxied to V2Ray, which is listening on localhost port If the traffic is a normal https request, on the other hand, the traffic is handled by nginx directly and a web page is returned.

Now go back to your domain name registrar, and add DNS A records pointing from your server host name e. We will enable the BBR congestion control algorithm to improve network performance. Press the Esc key on your computer keyboard to escape from insert mode, and type :wq to write the file to disk and quit the editor. Now we are ready to install the web server. Open your firewall to allow traffic in on ports 80 and When you have added some content, you can visit your website in a browser to confirm that your web server is working.

And, as long as you selected the option to force secure access, certbot also adds lines automatically to force https:. Add a line at the bottom.

For example, to check for renewal, and renew if necessary, at a. Now we are going to add your site to your content distribution network CDN. For the sake of this article, we used Cloudflare as our CDN. We chose the free plan.

利用v2ray WS(websocket) TLS cdn拯救被封banwagon IP并突破封锁

Cloudflare can usually find your existing DNS records automatically. If not, you must manually add entries for your server name and your naked domain name. Now go back to your domain name registrar, and change your name servers to be the custom nameservers given to you by Cloudflare.

Save your changes. It will look something like this:.It includes a collection of documents related to censorship circumvention. This is outer freedom. There exists also inner freedom — liberation from personal conditioning. This means no longer being driven by obsolete responses. This tutorial covers the client only.

Other tutorials cover the server part of the process. Igniter is a Trojan client that is still under active development, so it may have changed substantially by the time you read this tutorial. V2Ray offers many sophisticated features. However, it can be difficult for beginners to configure. This tutorial introduces a one-click installation script that does much of the work of V2Ray server configuration for you.

The server is further protected by being behind a content distribution network CDN. This assists in camouflaging the communication between your client and your server.

Clash for Windows Tutorial Clash is a cross-platform proxy client written in Go. It connects local nodes to forward nodes, possibly in a chain. In this tutorial, we present a simple case where traffic from one client is tunneled to one server.

It aims to resist both fingerprinting and active probing. OpenConnect on Debian and Android OpenConnect sometimes gets through in environments where other protocols fail.

The consequence is that OpenConnect can often pass by censors undetected. Downloads and Servers Here are some sources for client downloads. In some cases, we also give sources for servers provided by volunteers in the public interest. Not all of these links will work in every country.

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v2ray ws tls cdn

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v2ray ws tls cdn

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使用 V2Ray 的 WebSocket 传输协议 + Cloudflare 拯救被墙的 IP

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