Sender id sms india

Get rid of excel plugins! Use our inbound feature to easily gather opt-ins. Include a readily available opt-out path to let users unsubscribe. Insert them in your bulk SMS campaigns on the fly. Plan ahead by scheduling SMS for a later time and date.

You can also stagger your campaign to be sent in batches. Get maximum responses by sending them as links in your SMS campaigns.

India’s No. 1 Bulk SMS Platform

Paste, type in numbers, or upload via excel sheets. Save time by creating SMS templates and using them for frequently sent messages. Also, access previously sent SMS for easy reference and re-use. Convert your weblinks into unique trackable shortlinks and get granular click reports to track and measure campaign effectiveness. Create a Free Account.

Convey additional information by inserting images, files, pdfs, and videos in your SMS at a click of a button. Save time and effort in uploading, hosting and generating weblinks for the files. Enable advanced tracking to send unique links to every recipient and track mobile numbers of people who clicked on your link, time of the click, and device characteristics. Desi gn your web pages in minutes using our web page builder.

Put all the information you could not convey in the SMS including images, videos, links to your website and more. Track clicks, the mobile numbers along with parameters like device type, OS, browser of the clicked recipients.

Use this information to measure your SMS campaign response and understand your audience better. Compose the perfect SMS by analyzing what CTA, what time, what offer works best by continuously measuring how each of the campaigns performed. Keep optimizing by using CTRs as an indicator of campaign effectiveness. The advanced click tracking allows you to trace mobile numbers of all recipients who clicked on your SMS campaigns. You can segment and re-engage by directly calling them up or by sending detailed information and tailored offers.

Choose the SMS route best suited for your business needs, whether it is for bulk SMS marketing or customer engagement.

sender id sms india

It includes everything you need to know about bulk SMS marketing from composing effective messages to when to send them and how to measure success. It also touches upon the bulk SMS services offered by Textlocal. Thousands of enterprises including leading banks trust us with sending OTPs and other business-critical messages via our bulk SMS gateway.

Enterprise-grade security with bit data encryption and strict data privacy policies. Fanatic customer support for expert help with everything from simple tips to technical integrations. Clear, honest pricing with zero hidden charges. Pay as you go with zero commitments. See bulk SMS pricing. The team is very much supportive and managed all our projects effectively.

They were very responsive and worked fast to touch our target.Create a Free Account. Rated 4.

sender id sms india

Convey more in characters. Send files via SMS. Send mobile-friendly tickets and surveys. Set auto-replies or take the conversation forward on other channels. Enable two-way customer interactions.

sender id sms india

Get missed call solutions. Thousands of enterprises including leading banks trust us with sending OTPs and other business-critical messages via our bulk SMS gateway. Enterprise-grade security with bit data encryption and strict data privacy policies. Fanatic customer support for expert help with everything from simple tips to technical integrations. Clear, honest pricing with zero hidden charges. Pay as you go with zero commitments.

See bulk SMS pricing. Also get granular click reports to measure, test and optimize the performance of your bulk SMS campaigns.

We take pride in giving superior support to all customers, irrespective of the company size. The team is very much supportive and managed all our projects effectively. They were very responsive and worked fast to touch our target. We hope that you will continue to favour us with your extended support.

Their API service works perfectly. Easy to use and the SMS campaigns are done swiftly. Batch Scheduling on a specific time has been functioning superbly. Tracking of messages provide a great support to us in analyzing the outcomes.

Overall a great experience! Enterprises Resellers Affilates Startups. How much does bulk SMS cost? Our bulk SMS software and service are free to use, you simply pay for the texts that you send.

Check out our bulk SMS pricing. Promotional SMS is used to send offers, discounts or promotions to new and existing customers. The messages may or may not be solicited by the recipients.

Transactional SMS is used to send OTPs, informational messages, booking and order alerts to your registered customers. They should not be intended for marketing. It should correspond with your business or product name.Pranking is always a fun time, and there are so many resources and many types of resource that will help your to prank with your friends. YoWhatsApp Apk Download So here I will provide you one of the best sites to send free anonymous sms from fake any number.

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Create Sender ID in SMSLAB Control Panel - Sender ID - SMSLAB

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It will even allow you to store a history of your messages.If you've got a moment, please tell us what we did right so we can do more of it. Thanks for letting us know this page needs work. We're sorry we let you down. If you've got a moment, please tell us how we can make the documentation better.

You can publish messages directly to the phone numbers for these devices, and you do not need to subscribe the phone numbers to an Amazon SNS topic. Subscribing phone numbers to a topic can be still useful if you want to publish each message to multiple phone numbers at once. When you send a message, you can control whether the message is optimized for cost or reliable delivery, and you can specify a sender ID.

Each SMS message can contain up to bytes, and the character quota depends on the encoding scheme. For example, an SMS message can contain:. If you publish a message that exceeds the size quota, Amazon SNS sends it as multiple messages, each fitting within the size quota.

Messages are not cut off in the middle of a word but on whole-word boundaries. The total size quota for a single SMS publish action is bytes. When you send an SMS message, specify the phone number using the E. For example, a U. Sign in to the Amazon SNS console. In the console menu, set the region selector to a region that supports SMS messaging. On the navigation panel, choose Text messaging SMS. The Send text message SMS window opens. For Message typechoose one of the following:.

Promotional — Noncritical messages, such as marketing messages. Amazon SNS optimizes the message delivery to incur the lowest cost. Transactional — Critical messages that support customer transactions, such as one-time passcodes for multi-factor authentication.

Amazon SNS optimizes the message delivery to achieve the highest reliability. This message-level setting overrides your default message type, which you set on the Text messaging preferences page. For Numbertype the phone number to which you want to send the message. Optional For Sender IDtype a custom ID that contains up to 11 alphanumeric characters, including at least one letter and no spaces. The sender ID is displayed as the message sender on the receiving device.

For example, you can use your business brand to make the message source easier to recognize. For example, messages delivered to U. For the countries and regions that support sender IDs, see Supported Regions and countries.Displaying a company name as a sender can increase open rates. Get up to 10 Sender IDs per Account Send messages from different names to various customer segments and increase conversions. Just choose the name and specify your use case. Alphanumeric sender IDs let you send texts with the brand name instead of a phone number.

For many countries outside the United States and Canada, this is the norm and has enabled many brands to reach out to customers more effectively. Improved brand awareness Recipients will instantly know whom the message is from because your sender ID will be displayed instead of the phone number.

Watch our video tutorials to learn more about TextMagic. Not sure whether you want to send SMS with name of your company? Step 1: Register for a TextMagic account or log in to your existing account. Step 2: Verify your account value by purchasing SMS credit. Once it is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. We have compiled a list of countries where alphanumeric text sender IDs are not supported. You can check it out here. There are several reasons that sender IDs may not pass our manual evaluation.

The most common reason is that the sender ID has already been registered by another company. Other reasons may include inappropriate, offensive or obscene sender ID names. If you believe that your sender ID was rejected without reason, we recommend that you contact our support team or to submit the ID for approval again.

We have been using TextMagic for our SMS needs since and they have always provided a reliable and good value service. Thomas Lloyd. Read the case study. TextMagic ensures we are notified of any network traffic or high loads on our servers from our monitoring software no matter where we are.

Brand Texts with Your Company Name

N Alberici. Explore All Features. Are sender IDs available in every country? Can I register multiple sender IDs on my account? Of course.Promotional Bulk SMS marketing service that helps you attract buyers, clients or sellers, as per your needs.

Skyrocket your sales with our fast, reliable user-friendly and cost-effective solution. Start Your Free Trial. Engage your customers by sending promotional SMSs with regular offers, promo codes, etc. Send messages related to admissions, special offers and more to students and parents. Re-connect to your loved ones and business prospects using bulk SMS marketing and increase your earnings. Send vote appeal messages to your voters with promotional bulk sms. Upgrade and invite faster.

Send invitation messages for marriage, family events or business seminars, etc. Send regular updates and offers to your customers using SMS marketing.

Engage more people. Our packages, SMS gateways, and service features are planned to help the customers make the most out of promotional SMS marketing. All in all, we remain your perfect partner in exponential business growth. Checkout Bulk SMS pricing here! They have always been extremely supportive and prompt to solve issues immediately. Wishing them all the very best for future. We are very much pleased on the services provided by them.

Previous ","nextArrow":" Next ","appendArrows":". Send Wishes, Upsell your products Re-connect to your loved ones and business prospects using bulk SMS marketing and increase your earnings. Run Political Campaigns Send vote appeal messages to your voters with promotional bulk sms. Schedule SMS for Future. Rating: 5 stars. Frequently Asked Questions.No one can deliver better than us. Over 12 years of SMSing experience and served over 5 crore audience. Delivered over Billion messages till date.

We are known for our speed of SMS delivery. Our partnerships with multiple operators from over a decade helped us to build Intelligent, carrier grade SMS gateway with robust infrastructure.

Our Support consultants and Mobile marketing experts are always at hand to help you or your business to run campaigns that can deliver best results. We assure best quality and superior support to all our customers, irrespective of your budget. You have to fill the wallet with amount of your choiceand it is a pay as you go model the amount would be automatically deducted when you send messages. You can set your own sender ID and customize your message. This service help to send promotion and transactional messages to your list of users with lowest price per sms.

It is easy and less time consuming to send bulk SMS by selecting list of Contacts existing or you can upload all your contacts through excel sheet. Our authentic and fast services can convey the relevant information and offer in an easier way to your users.

Why Hurry!

India SMS messaging regulations and restrictions

Your wallet amount is not sufficient to send the message. Message will be sent to out of. You have exceeded the daily free SMS Limit. For payment, you will be redirected to our new domain with same way2sms login credentials. Now with 20 paisa per sms you can send unlimited sms from our new domain sms4india.

We are happy to inform, that we are redirecting you to our new domain to complete your payment. Login credentials remain the same as way2sms.

Warning x. Success Message here x. Send Free SMS. Login to Way2SMS. Forgot password. Register Now. Business Upgrade to Business Account. Know more. Promote Target right people for your business. Voice Send voice sms to your targeted audience.

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