Rheinmetall 130mm

Posted By: Alex Hempel June 25, Courtesy of Rheinmetall. German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall recently unveiled its new highly-anticipated mm cannon design for use on next-generation tanks.

All of these mm cannons have generally similar ballistic performance and will be referred to collectively. Intended for use in next-generation main battle tanks, the new gun mm comes at a time when tank armor is becoming increasingly difficult to penetrate. This T tank is covered in older ERA bricks. It is in this context that the mm gun becomes appealing. This increase ensures that the mm gun will remain potent for some time, whereas the ability of the mm gun to counter future advances in protection is less clear.

However, it remains unseen whether or not the mm gun will eventually achieve the ubiquity of its predecessor. In fact, trials during the Cold War were undertaken with even larger mm guns.

This Abrams-based testbed is fitted with a massive mm cannon. The idea ended up being abandoned, as issues effectively integrating such a large gun into the Abrams platform arose. The mm is heavier, at 3. Housing the slightly enlarged mm, as well as its correspondingly enlarged equipment, will necessitate a redesigned turret, according to Rheinmetall engineers. At this point, it is worthwhile to examine the role of the MBT on the battlefield.

rheinmetall 130mm

Rather, they are all-purpose armor intended to fill a variety of roles, from engaging other tanks to exploiting maneuver opportunities and bolstering infantry operations. Most obviously, there is the issue of operational mobility, or the ability of the tank to move to the battlefield under its own power.

Obviously, a higher weight per unit area results in the tank being more prone to sinkage into soft ground as well as more rapid wearing of road surfaces. If the weight of a mm-armed tank were to be increased but the track size was to remain the same, problems associated with higher ground pressure would manifest.

The larger the vehicle, the more difficult it is to fit on narrow roads, through urban streets, and over bridges. No matter the track size or ground pressure, overall weight also plays a factor: excessively heavy tanks may be unable to pass over weak bridges without risking collapse, which is problematic when there are many rivers in the area of operations.

Also important is the effect of weight on strategic mobility, which is the ability to move the tank from where it is based to where it is needed for combat.

And, of course, if there is a large body of water such as a sea or ocean, boats are a necessity. Trains and trucks have payload size limits, namely the width of roads and the maximum width of a train car as permitted by rail infrastructure.

So, in conclusion, tank designers will have to avoid significant increases in weight and size when producing new tanks with the mm cannon. Increases of more than a few tons over current-gen tanks would likely be unacceptable, and such increases could be wrought on not only by the inclusion of a new gun but also of new protective systems, drive technologies, etc.

Because the mm cannon will be heavier, other components will need to get lighter.

German Army to Upgrade 104 Leopard 2 Tanks to the A7V Standard

Given past trends in tank warfare as well as the trajectory of aircraft and ship weights, this seems a tall task — tanks, planes, and indeed most vehicles have tended to become larger and heavier as time passes. Whether tank designers can halt this trend while still incorporating the larger mm gun remains to be seen.

The cartridge, which contains the shell and its propellant, is loaded into the breech of the gun the gun before it can fire. The mm cartridges are 30 kg, whereas the mm cartridges are 21 kg. Because of this significant 9 kg increase in weight, Rheinmetall engineers believe that the mm cartridges must be autoloaded.

Autoloading is the process by which mechanical means are used to reload the gun, as opposed to manual loading, in which a human loader performs the task. A Russian serviceman loads trays into a T autoloader. On paper, autoloading seems attractive.

However, there are actually many benefits conferred by using a human loader.The Rheinmetall Group uses cookies saved to your device in order to optimise and continuously improve its websites, as well as for statistical purposes. For further information please refer to our imprint and our privacy policy. You can close this banner and object to the use of cookies by clicking on the "X". Please note that a single cookie still needs to be placed on your device to save your selection. If you would like to ban cookies in general, you must do this in your browser settings.

Eurosatory 2016: Rheinmetall lifts the lid on new 130 mm tank gun

The Rheinmetall Fieldranger family encompasses an impressive array of modular remotely controlled weapon stations RCWS for modern combat vehicles. Fully digital and stabilized, they are designed for use in a wide variety of missions and on all types of vehicles.

As an established, recognized supplier of remotely controlled weapon stations RCWS on the international market, Rheinmetall has integrated more than a thousand weapons stations for the Canadian Army, the French armed forces and the Belgian Army, to name but a few clients.

The Fieldranger Light weighing less than 75 kg and is designed for lightweight vehicles. It can be armed with a 5. The Fieldranger Multi, with an empty weight of around kg, is suitable for tracked and wheeled tactical vehicles. It can be fitted with a support weapon such as. Designed for medium and heavyweight platforms and weighing around kg, the Fieldranger Dual supports a main armament as well as a coaxial secondary weapon.

Its versatile weapon cradle supports two weapons simultaneously. The main weapon can be either the The coaxial weapon can be either the 7.

Adaptor kits are available for other customer-specific weapons upon request. The Fieldranger20 is a compact and low-weight medium calibre weapon station designed for mounting on light armoured or special forces vehicles.

It is designed for various applications such as security missions, fire support, and urban area combat. The Fieldranger20 is armed with a 20mm x cal. Oerlikon-KAE automatic cannon. OK, understood! I hereby agree to the use of cookies. Suppliers registration Quality and the environment. Vehicle integration Weapon systems Air defence. Electronic systems Aviation ground support equipment Security and surveillance solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Rheinmetall Defence Group's portfolio.Development of the gun started in and firing trials will start after Eurosatory The barrel weighs 1, kg and the entire gun with recoil system will weigh kg. The gun on display at Eurosatory features a thermal sleeve and muzzle reference system.

Rheinmetall is also introducing a new generation of armor piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot APFSDS ammunition with combustible cartridge case. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel.Rheinmetall Weapons and Ammunition "has completed developmental efforts" of an initial new Next Generation NG mm smooth bore tank gun, but some further design changes are expected, company officials told Jane's. A Rheinmetall representative, who requested anonymity, said the weapon is an L51 cannon and uses new high-strength steel, is chrome plated with a vertical sliding breech mechanism, electrical firing mechanism, and an increased chamber volume so more propellant can be used to enable higher muzzle velocities and therefore greater armour penetration characteristics.

It is fitted with a thermal sleeve and muzzle reference system, according to the representative. Rheinmetall said the 6. The company representative confirmed that, by Novemberabout 80 rounds had been fired at its proving ground. The representative said the chamber of the first NG mm has a volume of 15 litres and a design pressure of MPa, but added that "due to the experiences and knowledge gained in the live firing trials, this data will be modified in the next stage of development.

The first mm round developed by Rheinmetall is an armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot - tracer APFSDS-T with a semi-combustible cartridge case, new high-energy propellant that is insensitive munition IM compliant, and a new advanced long rod tungsten penetrator for greater penetration characteristics.

Want to read more? For analysis on this article and access to Jane's unrivalled data and insight, learn more about our subscription options at janes. Jane's The first is a standard current mm round with the second, to the rear, the much longer mm round.

rheinmetall 130mm

To read the full article, Client Login. Related Jane's Products. Jane's Defence: Platforms. Jane's Defence: Land. Jane's Defence: Sea. Jane's Defence: Land Platforms. Jane's International Defence Review. Recent patents and academic papers show Russian scientists are exploring ways to defeat advanced armours and to introduce new armour of their own.

Samuel Cranny-Evans and Mark Cazalet analyse the developments. Download here. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.The American version, the M, uses a coil spring recoil system instead of a hydraulic system. This first involved a millimeter 5. This includes a series of kinetic energy penetratorssuch as the American M series, and high explosive anti-tank warhead s.

Recent ammunition includes a range of anti-personnel rounds and demolition munitions. The LAHATdeveloped in Israel, is a gun-launched missile which has received interest from Germany and other Leopard 2 users, and is designed to defeat both land armour and combat helicopters.

The Israelis also introduced a new anti-personnel munition which limits collateral damage by controlling the fragmentation of the projectile. Because of concerns about the inability of the millimeter 4. A project started inas the Bundeswehr felt a more powerful gun was needed for its new tanks. The new tank carried a three-man crew, with the driver in the turret, an automatic loader for the main gun, a millimeter 0.

Although there were attempts to modify the millimeter 6. Krauss-Maffei was chosen as the contractor, and two prototypes were developed in and Between anda total of 17 prototypes were developed. The bore evacuator and the gun's thermal sleeve, designed to regulate the temperature of the barrel, are made of glass-reinforced plasticwhile the barrel has a chrome lining to increase barrel life.

The appearance of new Soviet tanks such as the TB during the late s and early s demanded the development of new technologies and weapons to counter the threat posed to Western armor. In the new TB version entered production, with a new laminate armor protection system; its turret armor, designed primarily to defeat anti-tank missiles, surpassed the TB's in protection. The German government began the development of the Leopard 3, although this was canceled after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The longer tank gun has been retrofitted into the Leopard 2, creating a model known as the Leopard 2A6. A variety of rounds have been developed for Rheinmetall's tank gun. For example, a long line of armor-piercing discarding sabot APDS rounds was developed by Rheinmetall.

The introduction of the longer barrel came hand in hand with the introduction of a new kinetic energy penetrator, the DM With the projectile including sabot weighing in at 8. The new propellant powders, known as surface-coated double-base SCDB propellants, allow the DM63 to be used in many climates with consistent results. A further improved ME4 round with a segmented penetrator to defeat Relikt has been under development since and was to be fielded as the MA4 in Both Germany and the United States have developed several other rounds.

The cap allows the round to impact and embed itself in concrete, then exploding inside the target and causing more damage. Furthermore, the missile can be fired by both millimeter 4. Fragments are shaped to have enough kinetic energy to penetrate body armor. Development commenced infinanced entirely using internal funding, as a response to the Russian introduction of new generation armored vehicles like the T Armata tank, and the first technical demonstrator TD was completed in May Engineers believe the weapon can only be used with an automatic loader and new turret design.

The gun commenced static firing trials at Rheinmetall's proving ground following Eurosatory, while engineers hope to receive a new NATO standard by the end ofalthough development of the gun and ammunition will likely take 8—10 years. For example, the Leopard 2 armed with the 44 caliber long gun, has been sold to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Finland, and other countries.At Eurosatory Rheinmetall is presenting concepts for enhancing the firepower of present and future main battle tanks.

A Leopard 2 successor vehicle would thus be capable of successfully engaging better-protected opponents in duel situations at larger ranges with superior firepower. Partner TV Web Television pictures.

Army Web TV pictures.

France Tests Huge 140mm Tank Gun As It Pushes Ahead With Germany On A New Tank Design

Milipol Web TV - Pictures. Partner pictures - video. TADTE pictures - video gallery. Ferret Simba. Fateh Sayyad Artillery Vehicles Tanks Wheeled Vehicles. Bradley M Chaiseri Defense First Win 4x4 armoured.

Austria Hirtenberger Defence Systems. AAD Automatic activation device. EC Caracal helicopter. Spynel Series. Geroh Rotzler Welp Armouring. HIZIR 4x4. Rheinmetall mm gun at Eurosatory Prompted by initial considerations for a future MBT, Rheinmetall's Weapons and Ammunition division launched a company-financed mm demonstrator programme last year to confirm the anticipated significant increase in performance against modern threats. Source Miltechmag. To complement the new weapon, Rheinmetall is developing new mm armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot APFSDS round with elongated rod penetrator, which is supposed to be made of new tungsten alloy.

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rheinmetall 130mm

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Winchester The swarm descends. This offends my fictional OCD. Anyway, I'm wondering how they're proposing to solve the usual major problems with putting a bigger gun on a tank - or designing a tank around a bigger gun. Historically, size and weight has gone up with every increase in main gun caliber - but we're at the point where a bigger tank would mean redesigning the entire railroad system including all the tunnels and bridges in Europe to make sure tanks can get where they need to go.

Sure, IIRC a fair portion of the network is rated for ton vehicles, but nowhere near as much of it as is rated for 75 tons, which is what is required to drive an Abrams or Leopard over. Another thing that also changes with main gun caliber is ammunition capacity. For each successive generation, tanks have lost around ten rounds of main gun ammunition minimum. The number of rounds per tank has gone from 90 in WW2 75 mm Shermans to ish now, and the mm gunned tanks they were looking at near the tail end of the cold war had ammunition capacities in the 30s.

It got to the point where one of the most well known mm concept was designed around carrying a coaxial 40 mm gun to handle soft-skinned vehicles, because the designers thought they couldn't afford to waste magazine space on HE or HEAT rounds.

And finally the other thing that also changes with each increase in main gun caliber is the reload rate, especially with a human loader. At some point the rounds get too big for a loader to handle, and then you're stuck using an autoloader, which increases the workload of the entire crew when ever they're not in active combat because now three people have to do all the maintenance and guard duty work I am surprised they are making a mm, when mm guns have been tested for ages.

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