Dos 2 arx outcasts

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Nexus Mods' 10 Essential Mods for D:OS 2

The void creatures are easy to deal with if you chug on your Fire Resist potions you should have 3 to 4 huge potions by now they can't deal any notable dmg to you this way. Beware of your surrounding as you may accident hit these deathfog barrels laying around.

Clean he deathfog with Tornado or Dust blast if necessary. I found no quest related to the hermit but the task is manageable albeit tedious XP and some good loot on the Hermit.

These are the steps that worked for me: 1 Sneak up to the small voidlings sneak shows you the sight cones. The small ones appear to be blind so just ensure you cannot be spotted when you use tornado to clear up as much deathfog as possible. Destroy any deathfog barrels in sight more deathfog pours out. As there are fog barrels out of reach use a summoning to trigger a fight as Loic the Hermit will teleport them onto your pet.

If you stay back far enough the figh will end with the death of your summoned pet and you can clear up the fog. Rinse and repeat as required. Mine were weak against poison but check this square button - examine as this might be randomised. Note, make sure all non-undead characters are fortified throughout the fight as this prevents teleportation! He is undead so healing spells provide extra damage fire and poison heal him so keep him away from any fire he throws at you. Enjoy the loot!

He has a powerful cursed firewand he will bequeath to you at his demise. Any idea if there is any quest related to the Hermit's Hideaway area? You can see it on the map, near the Lady Vengeance shipwreck. I teleported there, there's a nice chest, but then it has a deathfog lake, packed with nasty voidwoken and a boss who's very skilled at regenerating health and armor all the time and - ouch - teleporting players into the deathfog for insta-death.

The mobs are good xp, but all my teamates died from the death fog what was not covered by deathfog was covered by necrofire Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting?

Divinity OS 2 - Definitive Edition: Doctor Adramahlihk in one Turn (Honour Mode)

Submit Submit Close. Load more.Before we jump into some honor mode stuff, I will say that the following achievements are tied to characters in game - so you need them to be your main character. The Promise Swear to the Covenant. Tied to Fane.

dos 2 arx outcasts

This achievement will take place in the Nameless Isle as you enter the Academy through the normal way, the voidwoken will ask you to join - so accept. Angel and Demon Share Divinity with the Doctor. Tied to Lohse. This achievement is one of the endings in the game and requires you to have Lohse as your main character as once you finish the last fight the Doctor will come in and simply honor the agreement you made in Arx and finish the last fight.

Honor mode works so that you have ONE save slot whether it's a hard, auto or quick save. So be aware when the game autosaves for you and - assuming you have played through once on tactician - you know what's to come, so you're more prepared with positioning.

Do NOT be afraid to run from fights if it seems like you're struggling - but there are very few fights that should actually pose a threat to you if you're properly prepared and equipped. You should really focus on one damage type - whether you're doing a lone wolf build or a 4 man party build, it's just more effective to not have to focus to different types of armor and cause status ailments that way.

However, no matter what make sure when you get to Driftwood grab the Ashen Idol of Rebirth and make sure it is ALWAYS stocked because you never know what may happen - and it is basically a second chance at life. With this, you can abuse the AP it takes to close gaps for enemies, utilizing hit and runs and choking the enemy into a funnel by making surfaces. With that being said these are the two parties I employed:. I would highly recommend being undead and grabbing the Deathfog barrel in the Merryweather must have telekinesis and using it on the front gate right after clearing all of Fort Joy Ghetto and a bit of the actual fort.

I usually kill literally everything else before coming back to that fight because of the level 8 Gheists. Once you get past Fort Joy you can roll around doing everything fairly easy, assuming you did all of the quests but the difficult fights.

I chose to do Radeka and then the Voidwoken last. Note that if you did kill Alexander via Deathfog then when you get to the end you'll fight JUST the drillworm, and then Alexander's henchmen but he will be dead. You can sort of cheese the fight by creating a barrel barrier at the stairs before you activate the cutscene, forcing the enemies to go the long way around or blocking both sides off.

Enemies still have ways to teleport but it creates a better barrier. If you are using Fane you can use his source skill to make Malady take 1 less turn but taking out the Gheists are key as their backstab does a lot of damage, so look to take them out first.

I would suggest leaving the arena until last, even making your way into the Driftwood fields beforehand for some easier exp before making your way to Mordus. You may need to do several reloads in the egg room due to the close quarters and pure amount of enemies that throw themselves at you - but if you can take down the 3 major baddies, the rest should fall easily enough.

Just be aware they explode. If you use an idol in combat, don't forget you can combine to restock while in combat. The only other fight that may throw you off will be the troll fight. Just keep your distance and tie them down with status ailments, and don't forget to deactivate the regen.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Store Page.

Global Achievements. This topic has been locked. I try to search the map to see if there is anywhere I can go I can't. I don't think I am suppose to fight it in Arx this early There are voidwoken and an undead magister I found in some hidden place But the entire thing is covered with deathfog and the voidwoken are immune to it. The only encounter I manage to beat is the possesed childs demon and even then, it took me 4 resseruction scrolls and multiple tries to find a way to cheese it but I just got lucky in one fight after I tried putting Ifan on top of a hill far away Somehow, he still ends up entering the battle I am completely trapped.

There is literally nowhere left for me to go. I haven't checked on Tarquin yet, but I already bought some stuff from Corbin and I am still completely underpowered. Showing 1 - 15 of 24 comments. Paradox View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Paradox :. I am doing Arx now, my 3rd trip through the game. Krakken can be beat with a level 18 party.

Some tips: You don't have to beat him; just damage him enough to make him go away. Then you can handle the voidwoken by themselves.

If you have a magic dealer that has the best spell in their class Meteor Shower for Pyro, Thunderstorm for Aero, etc. Two Meteor Showers in a row, for instance, make him go away possible if you use Apotheosis and Skin Graft on your Pyro mage.

If you do not have a magic dealer, everyone really needs to be using some kind of range weapon or spell or grenade. Stay spread out so he can't nail you all with his water-breath weapon. Use scrolls if necessary. I also recommend: Teleportation scrolls. I save pretty much all my scrolls in the game for Arx. Just keep sending the adds away so you can focus on the big fella. The Voidwoken at the bridge can be a pain, but they are meant to be done at level So again, you should be able to get into the city.

Summons help, as does elevation. That area there is basically a killbox like the fort with the Possessed Dwarves West of Driftwood. But unlike the Dwarf Fort, there's no other way in here; you have to enter there. So as quickly as possible move your team to the upper-right side. There are two Voidwoken there, but you're going to get elevation and be able to take shots at everything down in the center. The paladinsDivinity: Original Sin 2 is not a simple game. Fights can be grueling, quests confusing and item management is a beast all of it's own.

With that in mind, we've gathered up some of the most useful tips and tricks to help you succeed early on in Divinity OS2. These include simple gold earning methods, clever tactics and powerful skill selections to carry you through the toughest fights in the game. Shortly after arriving in Fort Joy, you can find a man named Gawin lurking around a large fire on the West side of town.

Whether or not you help him is unimportant, it's the item he speaks of. Teleportation Gloves! They are found along a beach to the West of the town. There are 3 Crocodiles here. Kill them and loot the surrounding area for several items, one of which will be the Gloves of Teleportation. These gloves are extremely powerful early on, as they give you access to a full version of the Teleportation spell. In combat, it's a useful skill for moving enemies around the battlefield, dropping them into fire or bringing mages closer to your fighters.

Out of combat it's even better. It allows you to traverse gaps that you can't walk across. You can move objects back and forth, and even teleport traps completely out of your way.

A rarely brought up part of bartering in Divinity is the option to gift an item to the merchant. I know, that sounds crazy, but there are many good rewards for doing it! When at a merchant that you like, or expect to do lots of business with, start gifting them items. You can do this by selling them items, without actually balancing out the gold. The more valuable the items you give them, the higher their attitude will be towards you.

Although this costs money in the short term, long term you'll be able to sell them stuff at a much higher price and when their stock refills, you can buy from them at a cheaper rate! This is hard early on, due to limited resources, but as time goes on make sure to offer up a few items to your favorite merchants.

Getting their attitude up will earn you a lot of money in the long run and is well worth the few hundred gold it'll cost early on.

dos 2 arx outcasts

There are no bad skills in Divinity. Each has a use, sometimes several, but Summoning Magic reigns supreme when it comes to combat. The reason for this, is that the Incarnate skill summons an ally for you, based on the surface it was summoned from. See some fire? Conjure up a Fire Incarnate! Poison puddles all over?To start this quest you should find the corpse of a Dead Voidwoken lying in front of the entrance to the Lizard Consulate in Arx. Dead Voidwoken Arx.

Paladin Markswoman Arx. Visitor's Book Arx. To Abandoned Arena Arx. Brahmos The Wanderer Arx. Sadha Arx. The Consulate Start Arx. Portal to Reality Arx. In one of the rooms in the destroyed part of the consulate you can find Visitor's Book.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Walkthrough

Read it. We learned that Sadha, the Red Princess, was inside the Consulate at the time of the Voidwoken attack. Cast Spirit Vision to be able to see it. To get to the portal you have to open a few locked doors, the keys to these doors are located in the consulate area, and kill several Cursed Revenants.

The biggest problem is that Cursed Revenants respawn in cursed fire, so you have to remove this type of surface before you kill them you can use TornadoBlessetc. You can try to remove some fires before the fights start.

The first two groups of Cursed Revenants should not be more of a problem, but it is the best to skip the third group, by sneaking one of the characters into the garden and teleporting the rest of the party using the pyramids. You have to destroy all 8? They are sensitive only to physical damage and earth spells. We met a lizard dreamer called Brahmos. He is the one responsible for this dreamscape. He gave us a key that will let us out. He tried to stop us from going on, and we were forced to fight him.

Go through another glowing door To The Consulate. Sadha gave us her egg, and told us that the little one inside is almost ready to hatch - all it needs is a little fiery encouragement.

Sadha recognised the Red Prince, and he agreed to mate with her. We were teleported back to the real world, in order to give them some privacy. We saw dead Voidwoken outside the Lizard Consulate in Arx.

Voidwoken Attacked Talk to Paladin Markswoman. We learned that Voidwoken attacked the Lizard Consulate. Entered The Consulate We managed to make our way into the Consulate.

We explored the Lizard Consulate, and found a strange portal floating above the fountain. We found ourselves transported to a different realm - Horrorsleep. Horror Sleep Arena Start Try to explore the arena, apparitions will show up.The bridge that leads to Arx is a place of a battle between paladins and Voidwoken.

Join the paladins and help them in defeating their enemies. After that you must go to Captain Any Orell and collect your reward. An execution takes place on the square in front of Barracks. A woman called Mariewill talk to you. She asks you to stop the execution. Go to Linder Kemm and speak with him. Use Persuasion and convince him. If you fail, the execution will be carried out.

This fails the quest. On the second floor of Barracks' undergrounds you must face magister Reimond. Search his body and find Journal with Note. Read it and you can learn that Tarquin resurrected Braccus Rex. Your task is to confront Tarquin. Head to Hall Of Echoes where you can talk with him. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide. Chapter VI - Arx. Remaining quests. Table of Contents.The bridge to Arx - on the way to Arx you will encounter a bridge on which paladins will fight voidwoken.

The quest Battle at the Gates will start there. Square near Barracks - a large group of people can be found there. If you walk closer, you will discover that an execution takes place there. A woman named Marie will ask for your help.

If you agree, The Execution quest will start. Rat - in Barracks you will encounter a rat. If you have Pet Pal trait, you can speak with him. You will learn that his mistress is imprisoned. Convince him that you want to help him and the Mercy is Power quest will start. Cat The Appraiser - you will meet her in Linder Kemm's mansion.

Speak with her and you will discover that Kemm has a shelter where he keeps paintings. This will unlock The Vault of Linder Kemm quest. Additionally, if you have persuasion developed enough, you will also unlock the Old Means Gold quest. Prison - here you will find Paladin Warden. Speak to her and you will learn that prisoners are going missing.

This will start the Missing Prisoners quest. Linder Kemm - he can be found in the Barracks. Speaking with him will activate the Last Stands of the Magisters quest. Beryl Griff - she can be found in school in Arx. If you have persuasion developed enough, she will ask you to get rid of Sister Schori from the building.

dos 2 arx outcasts

This will start the School's Out quest. Here you will find a chamber with a cage with a boy inside it. Once you enter it, the Past Mistakes quest will start.

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